Cycling Plus Minus

– Innovation Competition for Increased Winter Cycling that happened 2017-2019

The best innovation to increase winter cycling will recieve funding from


to develop the innovation.

In the spring, a jury of Sweden’s leading winter cycling experts will select a winner from the registered, competing innovations.


During the winter season, bicycle traffic dramatically decreases in Sweden and elsewhere. At the same time, congestion on roads and in public transport increases, and the positive health effects and environmental impacts of daily cycling are lost.

Cycling’s efficiency deteriorates radically in winter, with 30–60 % longer travel times. Meanwhile, the risk of accidents increases radically for those who continue to cycle.

”The physical activity provided by bicycle commuting has significant benefits for society. But exercise needs continuity. That is why promoting winter cycling is so good for the public health”Prof. Peter Schantz, The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH


Cycling is by far the greenest and healthiest mode of transport. The benefits of cycling are short-lived, however, and disappear unless cycling regularly.



The innovation competition Cycling Plus Minus promotes clever ideas, best practices and creativity – everything to make it easier for cyclists to choose the bike year round.



Some good measures to increase winter cycling exists. But which are the future ones? The competition aims to increase cycling even when it is below 0 °C.


  • Registration – 31th December

    Final day for contestants to register for the competition.

  • Competition Period – winter 2018–2019

    During the winter, innovations are tested in practice.

  • Winner announcement – May

    The winner will be presented at a ceremony at the Swedish National Cycling Conference held in Helsingborg


The innovation competition is run by cycling NGO’s Swedish Cycling and the Swedish Cycling Advocacy Organisation. It is funded by Vinnova (Sweden’s Innovation Agency) and Trafikverket (The Swedish Transport Administration).


Do you ride a bicycle? Or do you for another reason have an idea of how to increase cycling?

In that case we need your help! What do you think would make more people want to ride year round?

Submit your idea here in the Idea Box and contribute to inventing the future of sustainable and active transportation!